Saturday, June 3, 2017

Lord Shiva as Gopi and Gopi Bhava

"When Narada recited prayers glorifying Lord Shiva as the supreme controller of the universe, Lord Rudra, the best of Vaisnavas, at once covered his ears and angrily replied, 'I am not the Lord of the universe, nor an object of Krishna's mercy! I am just a poor soul always hankering for the favor of the servants of His servants.' "(Brihad-Bhagavatamrita 1.3.9-11)


Cakalesvara Mahadev
At Govardhana he showed a beautiful example of how he loved the association of devotees Cakalesvara Mahadev. Sanatan Goswami was living right next to him at Manasi-ganga. At that time so many mosquitoes were eating up Sanatan Goswami day and night. It was disturbing his service because he was trying to write books, do his bhajan and there were swarms of mosquitoes. So he was thinking, "I can better do my service somewhere else. I will leave this place.

When Lord Siva understood he was thinking like this and he was his next-door neighbor as Cakalesvara Mahadev deity he couldn't bare the thought of separation from Sanatan Goswami. So he appeared in a beautiful brahmana form and told Sanatan Goswami to stay one more night and see. Sanatan Goswami said, "I will stay one more night." And then Lord Siva went to the demigod in charge of mosquitoes and said tell your mosquitoes not to bother Sanatan at all. So not a single mosquito came that way after that.