Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Seven Oceans

  1. Accepting the Lord's invincible semen, passionate and fortunate Viraja at once became pregnant.
  2. After a hundred celestial years of pregnancy, she gave birth to seven handsome sons from the Lord.
  3. In this way the Lord's eternal beloved became the mother of seven sons. She was very happy with her seven sons.
  4. One day, her heart filled with amorous desires, the saintly girl again enjoyed pastimes with Lord Hari in a secluded place in Vrndavana forest.
  5. Then, frightened by his brothers, her youngest son came there and went to his mother's lap.
  6. Seeing her son was afraid, she who was an ocean of kindness left Lord Hari and placed the boy on her lap. Then Krishna went to Radha's home.
  7. When she had comforted the boy she noticed that her beloved was no longer there. Her heart filled with unsatisfied desires, she lamented greatly.
  8. She angrily cursed her son: "You will become an ocean of salt-water. The living entities will never drink your water."
  9. Then she cursed all the boys: "Those fools will go to the earth! Fools, go to beautiful Jambudvipa on the earth!
  10. "They will not stay together in one place, but will stay each in his own place. They will stay happily around different islands.
  11. "They may enjoy pastimes with the rivers on these islands."
    In this way, because of his mother's curse, the youngest boy became an ocean of salt-water.
  12. The youngest then told the other boys about their mother's curse. Unhappy, all the boys went to their mother.
  13. After hearing their mother's words, they offered obeisances to her feet. Then, their necks bowed with devotion, they all went to the surface of the earth.
  14. O sage, they became seven oceans around the seven islands. From the youngest to the eldest, each ocean was twice as large as the preceding one.
  15. They became 
    1. oceans of salt-water, 
    2. sugarcane juice, 
    3. wine, 
    4. clarified butter, 
    5. yoghurt, 
    6. milk and 
    7. sweet water. Their liquid will be used to cultivate grains on the earth.
  16. In this way they became seven oceans around the seven islands of the earth. Unhappy in separation from their mother and brothers, all the boys wept.
  17. Tormented by separation from her sons, chaste Viraja wept again and again. She fainted out of grief she felt for her sons and husband.
  18. Understanding that she was drowning in an ocean of grief, Radha's master, His lotus face smiling, came to her again.
  19. When she saw Lord Hari she stopped weeping and lamenting. Gazing at her beloved, she became plunged in an ocean of bliss.
  20. Overcome with passion, she placed Lord Hari on her lap and enjoyed pastimes with Him. In this way, even though she had abandoned her sons, Lord Hari became pleased with her.
  21. His eyes and face filled with happiness, He gave her a benediction: "Beloved, I will always come to you.
  22. Like Radha you will be dear to Me. By the power of My blessing you will always protect your sons. 

Monday, October 20, 2014


Beautiful Radha departed with 1 630 000 000 gopis, on a chariot
  1. made of many regal jewels, splendid as millions of suns, roofed with thirty million domes made of regal jewels, splendid with a variety of colourful flowers, pulled by colourful horses.
  2. with ten thousand wheels, enchanting the heart, travelling as fast as the mind, beautiful with ten million pillars and many different glorious jewels,...
  3. with many wonderful and colourful beautiful pictures, with many rubies in the inside rooms, with many jewels decorating the wheels,...
  4. with four hundred thousand splendid and wonderful wheels decorated with wonderful bells and tinkling ornaments,...
  5. with a hundred thousand jewel palaces, with doors made of the best of jewels, with jewel pictures,...
  6. with domes of the best regal jewels, with splendid spires, with delicious foods and exquisite garments,...
  7. beautiful with many jewel beds, jewel cups and cases, and golden platforms,...
  8. with ten million ruby staircases, with very beautiful syamantaka and kaustubha jewels,...
  9. splendidly beautiful with wonderful forests and lakes and hundreds of groves of millions of lotus flowers,...
  10. with splendid jewel domes and spires eighty miles wide and eight hundreds miles high,...
  11. splendid with ten million garlands of parijata, kunda, karavira and yuthika flowers,...
  12. fragrant with many very beautiful campaka, nagesa, mallika, malati, and madhavi flowers,...
  13. decorated with many garlands of kadamba flowers and thousand petal lotuses,...
  14. decorated with wonderful forests, lakes, and colourful flower gardens, fast as the wind, the best of all chariots,...
  15. covered with exquisite fine cloth, decorated with hundreds of jewel mirrors,...
  16. decorated with sapphires and white camaras, fragrant with sandal, aguru, musk and kunkuma,...
  17. splendid with ten million parijata-decorated beds, ten million flags, and ten million bells,...
  18. with ten million jewel beds covered with wonderful and colourful blankets, fragrant with campaka flowers, sandal and kunkuma,...
  19. decorated with flower-pillows, and perfect for amorous pastimes, and also decorated with many beautiful things never seen or heard of before.

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