Sunday, August 23, 2015


Helped by Lalita, Krsna disguises Himself in Visakha s garments. In this disguise He enters Radha s house in the darkness of night. Sometimes with Visakha's help Krsna disguises Himself in Lalita's garments.

  1. Lalita Incarnation Gadadhara 
  2. Visakha Incarnation Ramananda

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


 The incineration of Kaam Dev: The incineration of Kaam dev was one of the biggest reasons behind the Raas leela, because after the death of Godess Sati, lord Shiva started a yogic penance, but there was a demon naming Tarakasura who took opportunity of this incident and pleased Lord Bramha through penance, he asked for 2 boons, one was to become the most powerful man on earth and the other one was to be killed only by the son of Lord Shiva, because he thought probably after the death of Sati, Lord Shiva will never marry again. After getting this boon he started causing havoc to 3 worlds, he defeated many kings and attacked Swarga loka too, then all the demigods approached to Bramha and asked for a solution, then Bramha said that Devi Sati has already reborn as Devi Parvati, but Shiva is not interested to tie the knot and also does not want to be back in this world from Kailas, but Mata Parvati is already doing penance to get Shiva as her husband once again, so in this case Shiva’s penance should be stopped so that he can be brought back to this world again. Then all the demigods tried their

level best to break his penance, but all of them had failed. Finally Bramha told demigods to take help of Kaam dev, then as per request,Kaamdev came along with his wife Rati and shot 5 arrows of flowers at Shiva’s heart in order to create the sexual urge in him, the purpose of demigods were fulfilled as Shiva’s meditation was interrupted, but the fuming Shiva then opened his 3rd eye and a blazing fire came out of it which burnt Kaam dev into ashes. When Rati lost her husband then she cried a lot and approached Shiva and requested him not to make her widow in this way, because her husband had no personal intention or purpose behind interrupting Shiva in his meditation, he just did so as per the instruction of Bramha and othr demigods. When Shiva got pacified then he said that he has not the capability to turn the ashes back into the previous body of Kaam dev, but Kaam dev has not died & still exists, for losing his body he has just become invisible, but Shiva also asked Rati not to worry, because in Treta yuga when Lord Krishna will appear then your husband will get a new body being his son whose name will be Pradyumna, in this way you will get back your husband once again.

Kaam Dev challenged to Shri Krishna: There was a time when Kaamdev defeated almost everyone in this universe including Bramha also & as a result of this he started feeling very proud of himself, one day Devarshi Narad was traveling when Kaam dev appeared and challenged him and asked to fight with, in response to that Narad muni told that he is nothing but a mere sage, he is always engrossed in krishna devotion and listens to Krishna Katha only, so he is unable to fight, then Kaam dev was disappointed and told Narad muni that as he is not ready to fight with him then at least tell a person’s name who can fight with him. In response Narad muni told him that there is a child in Vrindavan whose name is Krishna, in the entire universe only he is someone who has the capability to fight with Kaam dev, listening to that Kaam dev told that in all 3 worlds no one could have defeated him, not even Bramha also, then how come a child of mere 8 years old will fight with him, then Narad muni assured him and told to have faith upon his words and go to Krishna.
During this moment Krishna was in Vanshivat area and was playing the flute under the Vat tree (Banian tree). Do you guys remember the banyan or Vat tree image which I circulated few days back among various groups on web? 

If any of you missed that post then here I am attaching the same image again. Through this post again I would request all of you that if you are visiting Vrindavan then please don’t miss out the Vat tree. Now coming back to the fact, when Kaam dev found the little boy playing flute then he asked his name and Krishna told him about his name. Then Kaam dev challenged him to fight, but Krishna said that war can take place between two equals only, then being a boy how come he will fight with Kaam Dev, then Kaam Dev told him not to make him confused and again invited him to fight, he further told that Narad muni has specifically told him that in this universe only you are capable to fight with me, so I am challenging you.
Then Krishna said Okay, I am ready to fight, but war can be fought in 2 ways, i.e; Kila Yudh (war from the fort) & the other one is Maidan Yudh (war in the open battle field). Now you choose the option. Kaam dev wanted to know the nature of both types of wars, then Krishna explained as follows:
  • Kila Yudh: Under this option you can fight with me when I will be with Radha Rani in Nikunj Van, at that point you can hit me with your 5 arrows, for a single second even if my heart or mind will go weak then you will win.
  • Maidan Yudh: Under this option I will create a special night during Sarad Purnima and the night will last for 6 months, since it will be autumn so your job will be easy, it will be a full moon night when I will perform the Raas lila with crores of Gopis, there will be only one single male and that will be me.
So you can choose any option, thinking of the 2nd option Kaam dev thought that it will be the most easiest option to defeat Krishna, so he chosen the 2nd option. Then Krishna told that he has a condition, Kaam dev asked what that condition is, then Krishna told him that the person who will lose the challenge, will become the son of the winner. Kaam dev agreed to that.

Reason behind placing the condition: I already explained that Lord Shiva burnt Kaam dev into ashes for interrupting him in his meditation. But later he assured to devi Rati that only Krishna in Dwapar will bless Kaam dev with his body. So in order to fulfill Lord Shiva’s word to Rati, Krishna had to perform the Raas Leela and also had to mention about the condition to Kaam dev so that he gets back his lost body being the son of Krishna as Pradyumna.
If anyone wants to win over the Kaam or sexual urge then it is advised to read the Gopi geet on daily basis and it really works. Becaue the Gopis had the purest feelings in their heart for Krishna, so it’s Krishna’s blessing on Gopi geet which will help you too to win over Kaam dev.
At the end Kaam dev accepted his defeat and later he was born as the son of Krishna & Mata Rukmini, his name was Pradyumna. Finally Rati got his husband in the form of Pradyumna and this is how Lord Shiva’s words also became true.

Hope, this is very much clear now that the Raas leela was not the leela of Lust, rather it was just the opposite, i.e; win of Krishna over Kaam dev. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015


(A Conversation Between Krishna and the Gopis)

Text 1

vidhur ayam agatavan sharadam prati samprati
itavan vidhur atha na hi bhavatih prati
madhava jaya gokula-vira jaya jaya krishna hare

vidhuh - moon; ayam - the; agatavan - arrived; sharadam - autumn; prati - at; samprati - now; itavan - approached; vidhuh - Lord Vishnu; atha - now; na - not; hi - indeed; bhavatih - you; prati - to; madhava - O Madhava; jaya - all glories to You; gokula - of Gokula; vira - O hero; jaya - all glories; jaya - all glories; krishna - O Krishna; hare - O Hari.

"The moon has now entered the autumn season. Still, the moon has not approached you."
"O Madhava, all glories to You! O hero of Gokula, All glories to You! O Krishna, O Hari, all glories to You!"

Text 2

kumudakara-calanam na bhaved iti seyam
kaumudikagad idam unneyam
keshava jaya sharma-sharira jaya jaya krishna hare

kumudakara - of the moon; calanam - the moving; na - not; bhavet - may be; iti - thus; sa iyam - this; kaumudika - moonlight; agat - arrived; idam - this; unneyam - brilliant; keshava - O Keshava; jaya - all glories; sharma - handsome; sharira - whose

"The moon cannot personally come here, so the brilliant moonlight has come in its place."
"O Keshava, all glories to You! O handsome Krishna, all glories to You! O Hari, all glories to You!"

Text 3

kusuma-vani madhupair iyam ancati kantim
mama bhavatishu prathayatu kantim
shyamala jaya harda-sharira jaya jaya krishna hare

kusuma - of flowers; vani - the garden; madhupaih - by; bees; iyam - this; ancati - attains; kantim - beauty; mama - of Me; bhavatishu - for you; prathayatu - expands; kantim - the desire;  shyamala - O dark-complexioned Lord; jaya - all glories to You;
harda - of Love; sharira - O form;

"This beautiful flower garden filled with bumblebees has aroused My desire for you."
"O dark-complexioned Lord, all glories to You! O Deity of amorous love, all glories to You! O Krishna, O Hari, all glories to You!"

Text 4

pushpita-kunja-caye vrindacita-shobha
bhavad-anugataye kila krita-lobha
mohana jaya samvidi dhira jaya jaya krishna hare

pushpita - flowering; kunja - of groves; caye - in the host; vrinda - by Vrinda-devi acita - made; shobha - beauty; bhavat - you; anugataye - to follow; kila - indeed; krita - done; lobha - desire; mohana - O charming one; all glories; samvidi - in
knowledge; dhira - O hero
Vrinda-devi has made these flower-groves very beautiful. I yearn to follow you into these groves." "O charming Lord, all glories to You! O hero in the arts of amorous love, all glories to You! O Krishna, O Hari, all glories to You!"



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