Thursday, November 24, 2016


aikyaM te dAna-homa-vrata-niyama-tapas-sAnkhya-yogair-durApaM
tvat-sangenaiva gopyaH kila sukRti-tamAH prApur-Ananda-sAndraM /
bhakteSh-vanyeShu bhUas-svapi bahu-manuShe bhaktim-eva tvam-AsAM
tan-me tvad-bhaktim-eva dRDaya hara gadAn kRShNa vAtAlayesha
(Narayaneeyam: 94-10)

That state of supremely blissful union with Thee, which is difficult to obtain through (disciplines like) charity, (ritual) sacrifices, observance of vows, self-control, austerities, knowledge (sAnkhya), and yoga, was attained by the blessed gopikas of Brindavan, through just personal attachment to Thee as their own beloved. Numerous are Thy other devotees, but it is this loving personal devotion of the gopikas that has received Thy highest appreciation. Therefore Oh Krishna, Oh Lord of Guruvayoor, May Thou strengthen devotion in me and destroy my ailments.

yathā vraja-gopikānām
yathā—as;vraja—of Vraja;gopikānām—of the cowherd women.

The cowherd women of Vraja are an example of pure bhakti.